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Handling all the Human Resource Functions Under One Umbrella

The need arises when an organization expand its boundaries. But organization legacy systems were unable to cope up as their existing HR systems were run on open source and physical forms. As a result the HR team won’t have clear visualization of its global workforce they needed. Based on organization domain & country, every HR staff have their own way of keeping employee data in their own format. At the end, HR person supposed to collect data from the multiple resources and consolidate it in one consistent format, which leads to lack in data redundancy and consistency.

Project Name: Human Resource Management System

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The HR department plays a central role in every company, be it small, mid-size or huge enterprise. This department formulates new policies, streamline business process and administer other functions to enable the employees work well.

But, in many organizations, the HR department is filled with a pile of documents that contains the record of every employee. Plus, for them managing payroll, recruitment and performance analysis on the paper is bulky and complex to handle.

This made HR functions difficult and impact the productivity as a lot of time get wasted in unnecessary efforts.

We came up with a revolutionary idea of creating a ERP System that can replace the traditional paper based processes with a modern web application where all the files can be stored digitally and all the HR functions can be done efficiently.


The human resource management system was developed that enabled HR to hassle-free maintain the employee information and keep track of the leaves applied, claims, incidents, timesheet at one place. Also, employees are provided the limited access to view, modify and manage the certain level of information.

The different types of users such as human resource managers, managers, employees and their roles are defined for secured access to the information.


  • – Employee Management
  • – Roaster -Management
  • – Timesheet Management
  • – Claims Management
  • – Leaves Management
  • – Performance Analysis
  • – Incident Management
  • – Documents Management
  • – Communications

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