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A web application to get best prices for bulk order

Managing the medicines orders in network is challenging. This was managing through excel sheets. Its very tedious task to gather all requests, combine them and order with the best prices.

Project Name: Bulk order medical supplies

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Every big organization has many branches as well as an ever-increasing work load like keeping track of medicines, orders, business development activities, requisition management and endless others.

Every organization is providing the services at their best prices. While medicines seeker is always preferring the best price among all especially when bulk ordering medicines.


We developed a web application which collects medicines requests from all the branches in network. System auto calculates and accepts a quotes from suppliers for the requested bulk order medicines. System is choosing the best price for each medicine and orders to the corresponding supplier.


– Manage Branches.

– Manage Suppliers.

– Manage Accounts.

– Accepts medicines requests.

– Accepts quotes for the bulk ordered medicines.

– System by defaults selecting best price supplier, as well as there is a feature to prefer another supplier.

– Manage bulk order medicines delivery.

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